Local Impact and
World-class Potential

The future of food starts here.

Through community based programs and access to a world-class education we’re helping build a resilient and sustainable Hawaiʻi.

CIP expanded my knowledge of what it means to be
a chef and how I can have a positive impact on my community.

AS in Culinary Arts and Advanced Pastry
Advanced Professional Certification

Beyond a career in restaurant and hospitality, CIP gave me the opportunity to study the business of food - logistics and manufacturing, as well as providing a solid foundation in cuisine.

AS in Culinary and Advanced Pastry Arts
BS in Culinary Management, UHWO

I chose culinology because I love food and innovation.

Quality and efficiency come with the science behind cooking and creating food products.

AS in Culinary and Advanced Pastry Arts
BS in Culinology, UHM

Building healthier communities.

Summer 2018 food distribution program.

Developed at CIC using okara, a tofu by-product.

Healthy food competitions in partnership with local non-profits.

Award winning culinary teams.

First place, American Culinary Federation, Western Regionals.

2019 American Culinary Federation silver medal team.