Local Impact and
World-Class Potential

A world-class culinary campus.

The Culinary Institute of the Pacific is uniquely positioned to serve as a magnet for students, researchers and corporations from across the globe seeking the skills, knowledge and expertise in 21st-century food systems.

We are a state-of-the-art culinary center offering academic and non-credit programs in the culinary arts and food science. The CIP is a statewide network and part of the campus of Kapiolani Community College.

At the doorstep of Waikiki.

Located on the slopes of Diamond Head, our 7.8 acre campus includes Asian and Western food labs and a culinary innovation center. Opening in spring 2023 is a 50-seat interactive tasting studio,  restaurant and a new culinary innovation center.

Fostering a sustainable and resilient future.

As part of the University of Hawaiʻi, CIP students have the opportunity to learn across multiple disciplines, allowing for a holistic study of food systems and its effect on island culture, health and local economies.

Academic Degrees & Professional Certifications

Associate in Science

The CIP offers an Associate in Science degree for students enrolled in its 2 year program. An advanced professional certification is available for students completing a third year.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Students can complete a fourth year of study at UH West Oahu or UH Manoa to earn a bachelor of applied science degree in culinary management (UHWO) or a bachelor of science degree in food science and human nutrition culinology (UH Manoa.)

Professional Certifications

Working professionals seeking to advance their careers in the food and hospitality industry can earn certificates of achievement and competence.

Non-Credit Courses

Cooking classes for the passionate home cook or professional interested in exploring a wide variety of cuisines and culinary skills.